About Us

According to Wikipedia, Jiak Kantang "Literally means 'eat potato'. Formed by the Hokkien term "Jiak 吃" (eat) and Malay term "Kentang" (potato). It is a pejorative term referring to pompous condescending intellectuals who are slightly more educated about Western cultures. "Eating more potato" means more westernized than being Asian (eating rice)."

While we're neither pompous nor condescending (we like to think we're intellectual), we are Asian and we like potatoes. Who doesn't? And we're from lovely blazing hot little island of Singapore, so the Singlish terminology fits perfectly.

We are four friends that mostly enjoying sleeping, eating, and talking about wanting to sleep or eat. This is our blog.

xx Mariam, Yvette, Sheena & Rosemary