Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend, Singapore bid goodbye to a truly iconic joint that has been loved by millions over the past 30 years. 

We bid farewell to the McDonald's outlet at East Coast Park. 

I know, I know.. it's just a fucking fast food joint but honestly, I'm bummed to see it go — especially from thousands of miles away. Makes you wonder doesn't it, when even a McDonald's outlet can't survive Singapore's quick and constant need for renovations and upgrades.

Weekends breakfast treats with the family when I was younger, to drive-thru adventures in the middle of the night as a teenager. Study marathons, late night meals when food has run out at the chalet and getting lunch after a whole morning roller blading. And who can forget that homeless man that's always washing up at the sinks. My friends and I were most recently there one night during Chinese New Year and plenty of fun and laughter was had. 

(DUDE I can't believe this made me cry lol)

McDonald's has always been the heart of ECP the past three decades — and it's a place of so many amazing memories for Singaporeans, especially us lucky East-siders. 

It's a pity that it has to make way for new development but thanks for the memories, ECP Maccas

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